scott s. Avatar
scott s.

5 star rating I used to hate our pool, fighting the algae every year and buying expensive chemicals. We decided to hire All Pure and all of our pool problems went away. Our pool is always crystal clear and ready to swim in. Their service technicians are very courteous, friendly and do an excellent job! They are also better priced than any pool service I have found but I wouldn't switch anyway form this great service because they are simply the BEST! - 6/17/2015

Kyle Stadt Avatar
Kyle Stadt

Friendly service folks onsite. Office is responsive, call back when they say they will, etc. I've used them for years, and the pool looks great. - 1/23/2018

Terry T. Avatar
Terry T.

5 star rating We have been using All Pure Pool Service for over 13 years. Although the actual service technician has changed several times as people have moved on to other jobs or the U.S. military, we could not be happier at the quality of service. Everyone we have dealt with at All Pure has been professional, helpful and punctual at addressing any issues, although there have been few. We've had numerous people comment to us on the clarity and look of the pool water over the years, including those from other pool companies who were in the yard to replace equipment or update the pool. We highly recommend All Pure for anyone in need of their pool's chemical maintenance. - 9/04/2018

Dietmar B. Avatar
Dietmar B.

2 star rating Their service is not bad overall. Good people. The owner not so much.I had to cancel my service late last year due to financial pressure. We are doing better and called to renew service. After having managed my own pool well for 8 month, it had turned green, because my job took me away for weeks at a time. That same job allowed me to hire them back.Both the office staff and the owner chastised me for having canceled it, saying: This is what happens if you cancel our service.Needless to say, someone else is managing my pool...for less money too. - 5/25/2020

Darlene M. Avatar
Darlene M.

5 star rating My husband and I have been using All Pure Pool Service for years. They are great! I highly recommend them. Also Aaron the technician is a very friendly and nice person. I know exactly when Aaron comes by for pool service because he signs the card that is left on my property. Also, when Aaron opens the gate, he is very careful that my dog doesn't get out of the backyard, which was a huge concern for me--but I feel very comfortable with Aaron watching out for my dog. If there is any issue, the office calls me--very good customer service. You too will be pleased if you hire them. One additional note, my husband and I learned last year that the filters in the pump needed to be replaced. They were so old and used that the mud would not wash off, and the plastic bands around the filters had broken. The pool supply store informed me that once that happens, the filters need to be replaced. They were about $100 and it made our pool look amazing--so if your pool isn't looking great, don't blame All Pure because no one can do better than All Pure. - 5/16/2012

Cary Farruggia Avatar
Cary Farruggia

They have been servicing our pool for years and they are prompt, friendly and helpful! - 4/05/2017

Karin H. Avatar
Karin H.

4 star rating We've been using All Pure Pool Service for many years (at least 10) and have always had great service. The technicians are always friendly and our pool is always sparkling clear. The only reason I didn't give them 5 stars is because they don't do online billing and payment. This is the only company to which I still have to write a check each month. - 4/13/2017

Nicky M. Avatar
Nicky M.

5 star rating We signed up with All Pure Pool Service about three years ago and it was the best decision we have made regarding our pool! We tried for several years to do the chemicals ourselves and spend so much money and time driving to the pool store with samples trying to get things right. After we went with All Pure Pool Service, our pool has been clear! They do their magic and the pool looks great. I definitely recommend their service. Plus, you can call them to make payments by phone and are greeted with an actual person and not an automated service. It is a nice touch! - 9/05/2014

Straus Carpets Avatar
Straus Carpets

They came out and our pool looks as though it was restored to its original condition. I highly recommend their services. Tom - 3/13/2018

J.J. E. Avatar
J.J. E.

5 star rating I have lived in my house for 39 years. Until last fall, I grew to hate (hate! hate!! HATE!) the continual hassle of keeping my swimming pool water in good condition. Finally, on a friend's recommendation, I engaged All Pure Pool Service to look after my pool. Today, in early June, the pool looks like something from a magazine. It is positively beautiful! No more buying and storing chemicals. No more attempting to be an amateur chemist. No more song and dance at the pool supply store!

The service technician (Luis) is efficient, friendly, informative and professional. I highly recommend this company to solve your pool water problems.
- 6/03/2018

Michael Taylor Avatar
Michael Taylor

Absolutely the Best Pool and Spa Service Company that I have used here at my home in 30 years... - 6/07/2017

Jackie R. Avatar
Jackie R.

5 star rating Using them for over a year! They are amazing. My pool has always been super clear with no issues! They do a weekly chemical service and it's super reasonably priced. They are super quick and obviously have it down to a science! - 10/24/2020

M H B. Avatar
M H B.

4 star rating Mike and his family are easy to reach if you have questions.
They check the pool chemistry weekly and clean the filter three times a year.
Nine years and counting. Good work!
- 3/02/2017

Joanne S. Avatar
Joanne S.

4 star rating Pool service like many other services really boils down to the person doing the servicing. Its all about their work ethic and the pride they take in doing a good job at whatever task they take on. My pool service person is "AARON" and he is just that type of person. He's told me he treats every pool like it was his own and the results show. I hope he stays with this company a long time, because he does the job right. - 5/30/2012

Sole V. Avatar
Sole V.

5 star rating Their service is reliable and very accommodating! We are first time pool owners and they were helpful at explaining the care it needs and providing the service we need. Our pool looks great! - 6/14/2017

Dietmar B. Avatar
Dietmar B.

5 star rating They did a great job for over two years. I had to cancel, at least for a while. The receptionist was not great but the guy I spoke to, took care of me.Thank you! - 11/25/2019

Pat M. Avatar
Pat M.

5 star rating I searched for years (and tried 3 different pool services) and then after many years I finally found a reliable and honest pool service who gets the what customer service means and how important it is to listen to customer needs. I found all this and more with All Pure. Mike explained various rate plans and we found one that fit my budget and the needs of my pool. My pool has never looked better. The technicians are honest and reliable and very consistent. Other pool companies fall short and slack but not here. I highly recommend them. - 6/22/2018

Gene P. Avatar
Gene P.

5 star rating We recently upgraded to your full pool service and just wanted to give a "shout out" to the young man that services our pool. He is not only a great tech and does his job very well; he is very polite and well-mannered even though we have several dogs. I hope he will continue with our account and we are looking forward to the great service you all provide.Thanks again, I know it is not easy to work in our current environment, so please be safe and understand we appreciate your efforts. - 4/21/2020

Sandi Cheer Avatar
Sandi Cheer

Reliabe, budget friendly, professional. I've been a customer for 15yrs and they've never disappointed! - 3/11/2017

S B. Avatar
S B.

5 star rating After a number of poor experiences with pool cleaning companies over the last five years, I found All Pure to be a welcome change. They showed up at the given day and time, and were very professional, reasonably priced and friendly. When they vacuumed my pool, they were so thorough that the pool had not look this clean in years. All their staff are easy to work with. Keep it up! - 10/23/2015

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