10 Ways to Make Your Summer Pool Party the Envy of the Neighborhood

Summer is finally upon us and the heat is picking up each day. Nothing is more fun than a summer pool party. Below you will find 10 amazing ideas we have found to assist you in your planning. Party stores, Michaels, Marshalls, and places like Target and Walmart will have just about everything you’ll need. If anyone dares to throw you in the water, #4 might soften the blow.

Where’s the pool party at? Oh, that’d be your place. With fruity cocktails, festive floats, and creative pool party ideas for bright, colorful decor, you’ll have the kind of get-together people rave about (and #TBT) for years afterward. Trust.

1. Boho Tablescape

Set a long, low table and bring rugs outsidefor a super-relaxed, family-style meal. The more mud cloth and floor pillows, the better.

2. Set Up An Ice Cream Bar

Frozen desserts are a must. This DIY ice cream bar is the easy way to serve a crowd — plus, it’s just fun.

3. Come Up With a Theme

Give your pool party a dress code and then decorate for the theme accordingly. Some ideas include tropical or all-white for a classic, dressier pool party. Or you could get weird and choose a TV show as a jumping-off point or something oxymoronic, like summer goth and let your guests get creative.

4. Put Out Some Punch

Fruit punch screams summer pool party. Serve it up in a bronze bowl and ladle, and it’ll look even more refreshing.

5. Pool Balloons

Need a cheap and easy decor idea? These pool balloons might just be cuter than flamingo floats.

6. Dress Up Your Bar Cart

Keep the drinks flowing by setting up your bar cart outdoors. To make it extra summery, top it with a variety of palm leaves and tropical flowers.

7. Get Your Pets Involved

These DIY pool-float dog costumes will get all the likes. And you can reuse them for Halloween!

8. Lay Out Some Games

Put out a deck of cards for any guests who’d rather stay on land. You could also put out some less conventional card games, like tarot cards and bring in a fortune teller to entertain guests.

9. Sunscreen Station

A sunscreen station is an ingenious way to entice a large group of guests to re-apply — especially when you’ve got kids running around. Add some hydrating mists, and everyone will love you forever.

10. Add Plush Seating

The more colorful your party is, the better. Set up bright and patterned pillows and blankets on the deck for a poolside-picnic effect and for extra lounging space.

Don’t Forget To Make Sure The Pool Shines

Now that you are set on your theme and are ready to party this summer. Don’t forget to make sure your pool is sparkling clean and ready for added guests. It’s always a good idea to connect with us prior to a pool party and let us know of your plans so we can put a little extra in the look of the pool. Stay safe and enjoy the Summer…

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